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Solutions for security and occupational safety

Prevention - Response - Recovery

A collaborative service for comprehensive real-time prevention and response.

i-see 22 is a unique software and platform for identifying suspicious behavior inherent to terror, radicalization, inner threat and suspiciouspeople. In addition, the system is designed to identify safety and security vulnerabilities in an objective manner and rapid decision making process. Our system transforms surgical information into real time intelligence and supports the human factor in becoming an operational sensor for early detection.

Early detection is imperative form effective prevention and selection of mode of operation.

The system and app is intended for different department s inside the organization and serves as rapid deployment of security services or law enforcement should a threat be identified. Live reports can be shared inreal time and the system has numerous features that make it a unique product for different industries.

I-sec 22 is a unique software and app platform for the real-time response and management of different scenarios. Our system specializes in the management of different scenarios during the peak critical moments. I-sec 22 brings proven operational response tactics under a centralized platform that allows the organization to diffuse critical set of actions and information needed for the safety and security of the organization while the scenario is in full scale.

This system is fully integrated within I-sec 22 and serves as a live video and stills platform for delivering real time visuals of emergencies and hostile events. These images and videos can be tracked to their respecting zone and alert security forces and employees should the scenario require. These capabilities are vital for identifying suspicious people, analyzing their actions and producing live images of crucial data that can serve to prevent hostile activities.

I-know 22 brings reality to the palm of your hands in order to receive early
warning and apply dedicated protocols for maximizing safety and security. The system is fully centralized under a platform that contains additional features