Efficient safety and security solutions

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Safety and security technology

Safety and security technology experts

Corima offers safety and security technology solutions of high quality for companies and organisations of all sizes. We can offer complete individual solutions to meet our customers' safety and security technology needs. Properly designed, installed and maintained safety and security technology equipment secures the operations and continuity of a company.

Fire detection and camera systems

Our safety and security technology services include camera systems and their installation in locations such as properties and parking areas. We also provide installed lobby service systems and fire detection systems. In addition to safety and security technology, we offer comprehensive services that can be combined into a functional and secure whole.

Safety and security technology protects people and property

Our safety and security technology effectively protects a company's personnel, material, information and reputation, and prevents the related risks. Thanks to our long experience and wide expertise, we can choose the right solutions for each operating environment.

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Expert service based on a monthly fee

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase business security expertise for a monthly service fee, according to their needs.

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