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Safety and security training

Tools for improving safety and security

Corima provides high-quality safety and security training for businesses, communities and the public sector. We tailor the content of all training to the customer's needs, in order to address the most critical safety and security problems. The aim is to enable the company or organisation’s safety and security and continuity in all circumstances.

Safety and security training enables customers to plan, anticipate and avoid situations that may negatively affect them and their operations. Training can be used to harmonise an organisation’s safety and security practices and operating models, to promote the related culture and to increase staff awareness. The trainers are experts in various aspects of safety and security.

Our training services include

  • Threat management training
  • First aid training
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Occupational safety training
    • E.g. occupational safety card and hot work card
  • Customised training
    • E.g. encountering a difficult customer through customer service
  • Travel safety
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Expert service based on a monthly fee

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase business security expertise for a monthly service fee, according to their needs.

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